Daily Archives: January 12, 2012

Long live the Dane! Hamlet rendering by Sarah Airriess Join us in Elsinore, beginning January 21 Experience Hamlet in a whole new way. After intense audience reaction to our production last summer in Griffith Park, we realized we weren’t done with Denmark just yet. This time around, we’re re-imagining the […]

ISC Opens Winter Run Of Hamlet

Reviewed by Frank Mundo In poet Melinda Palacio‘s debut novel, Ocotillo Dreams, we meet a young woman named Isola, a green-eyed, “exotic-looking” Mexican-American “often mistaken for Thai or Filipino” whose mother’s death couldn’t have come at a worse time in her life. Just one fellowship short of becoming a full […]

LA Books Examiner Reviews Ocotillo Dreams

A cookbook for Meals on Wheels Truth be told, the seniors beat us to it. Long before iPhone-wielding hipsters were tracking down the latest culinary-mashup food truck, a subset of our elders were getting their dinner from Meals on Wheels. Cart for a Cause, the food truck whose sales benefit […]

Book for a Cause

By Andrew Magee A prestigious Los Angeles film festival brought three award-winning directors to Fulham for a screening at the London Film Academy last night. The Angelus Student Film Festival is an international competition that recognises some of the best young filmmakers around the world. Festival director Monika Moreno presented […]

LA Film Festival hits London